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Heel Set Installation

The Bont Rowing Drive QRS Heel Set can be retrofitted to all Bont Rowing shoes. The following instructional guide should be followed carefully to ensure proper fitment of the Drive QRS Heel Set.


  • 2 x Heel Set (kit includes 3mm, 7mm and 11mm effective heel lift)
  • 2 x M5, 18mm Countersunk 316 marine grade stainless steel bolts
  • 2 x M5 T-Nuts


  • Cordless drill
  • 2, 3, 4 and 5mm drill bits
  • Phillips Head Screwdriver



1. Remove both inner soles from your Bont Rowing shoes. Take one Heel Set block and place it approximately 1mm from the rear of the Bont Rowing shoe like shown. Mark this location using a thin marker or similar and set aside the Heel block.

2.Using your cordless drill, fit the 2mm drill bit and begin drilling with moderate force through the base of the shoe. When the drill bit passes through the base, remove the drill and perform the same step on the other shoe. Take the next size drill bit and perform the same operation with a smooth and steady drilling action.

3. Check your hole size by placing the t-nut into the base of the shoe from the inside. The t-nut should fit into the inner lining and the fixing bolt should be able to screw into the t-nut from the outside of the shoe. Push both t-nuts firmly into the lining of the shoes.

4. Push the fixing bolt through the top of the Heel block and place it lightly onto the base of the shoe like shown. The supplied bolts come equipped with marine-grade thread locking agent so no additional grease is required. Tighten the bolt firmly until the Heel block is in place. Perform the same step on the other shoe and you're ready to row.

5. The Heel Set includes 3mm, 7mm and 11mm effective heel lift which can be adjusted via separating the Heel block pieces. Seperate the Heel block by using needle nose pliers to allow the security clip to release. Re-attach with the appropriate height you require.